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Japanese Digital Beauties

Computer Graphics Studio
Kei Yoshimizu has been involved in the production of art and animation for many world famous games on CD, including Rage Racer, Klonoa, Ace Combat and R4-Ridge Racer. Hired by Namco, he received the opportunity to create CG movies for Playstation, he created the character of Reiko Nagase, who became world famous as an image character in the Ridge Racer series.

Poodoo Cafe
Keiji Maruyama's work in computer graphics discribe the new style of women in Japan. Moderne and independent girls who think nothing of driving alone or practicing boxing are strongly present in his work. Poodoo cafe is an impressive example of how a virtual person can be treated as a real one.

M's Digital Works
Makoto Higuchi has created one of the most popular virtual idols in the CG magazine scene in Japan called Ai (love, in Japanese). His other character Nasuka, a 19 years old girl, is really talented at combative sports, with impressive physical abilities and supernatural powers. He views digital work as a form of fine art and he keeps on creating lots of attractive digital models. His work has been widely published and televised in Japan.

Masaaki Ohkubo's images depict everything from the sweet loving girl next door to the woamn bdy builder, and incorporate many variations in lighting and colour. His virtual idols have interesting expressions, even unconventional ones. His preoccupations include the narrative, a balance of light and shade, human expressions, lighting, correlation and harmony between the body lines, anatomical expression, and setting the colour theme.

Sonehati studied oil painting at Tama Art University. He started up a brand of CG beauties, "Polygons", that were launched at the Digital Image Exhibition in Osaka, and the images have been published in many international media. Soon enough Polygons, a human race with polygon skin, will live on the Internet and start walking around the world as real people. Their real stories will start then.

YAMAG has an extraordinary talent for creating realistic female characters, and most of is current works consist of cute young women developed in 3DCG. He created Ryoko as a representative of the new generation of women in Japan, who became famous in the computer graphics world. She has been featured in books, magazines 3-D data products, video, DVD, and personalised goods. Ryoko is profiled as a cool and fashionable woman.

Hidyboy Web
Hid Yanagishima worked in the game industry and later on established the CG Studio HiD, where he focused on modelling and animation for game production companies. Animating characters has become part of his daily life and almost everyone of them has a feeling of dance about it. Also un mistakable are the faces that recall japanese youth with their love of American-style clothes.

Sayaka's Project
Kakomiki has mainly created female 3DCG characters. He created his model Sayaka as the embodiment of his ideal woman, with sweet-looking eyes, as slender body and an innocent air. He developed Sayaka with the aim of having a completely digital model that can interact and participate any medium.

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