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Japan Atlas: Architecture
Part of a larger web site on Japan and its culture, provides illustrations and information on 19 significant architecture and building projects in Japan. Links to related sites included, clickable map showing the locations of the projects featured.

Japanese Ceramics
Traditional and contemporary ceramics in Japan.

Traditional Crafts of Japan
Information is arranged into twelve categories: weaving, dyeing, pottery, porcelain, lacquer,wood, bamboo, metal, paper, writing materials, Buddhist altars and accessories, miscellaneous. Each section provides information about the craft and the techniques used.

The Art of Japan
Focusses on origami, architecture, gardens, paintings, sculpture. Sections include a history of the art form, colour images, detailed information about particular media and styles, such as Ukiyo-e, Netsuke, castles and Ikebana. In-depth look at a particular master within each art form.

Exorientelux - Japan
Polish company which focusses on highest quality, professional tours to Japan for expats. Their broad catalogue of tours include visiting both modern and historical parts of Japan.

A Readers Guide to the Arts of Japan
Annotated bibliography to print resources about Japanese art. Citations are organised into 3 sections: general resources, by medium, and by time period. Coverage includes painting, sculpture, calligraphy, ceramics, textiles, folk art, architecture and gardens.

Akira Kurosawa Database
Dedicated to Japan's most renowned director Akira Kurosawa. Filmography, biography, discussion board, essays, scenario list, images of promotional posters and film. Vote for your favorite Kurosawa films and characters, bibliography of books, videos listings linked to online book and video stores.

Matsuda Productions: The Japanese Silent Film Site
Over 1000 films egularly shownshown throughout Japan and abroad. Schedule of film viewings, film club membership details, lists of the films available, monthly newsletter. Timeline of the Japanese silent film genre; explanation and background to the 'benshi', the silent film interpreters. Who's who of Japanese silent film, essays on historic films with movie clips.

International Netsuke Society: Devoted to the Study and Collection of Netsuke
Devoted to the study and collection of netsuke and related sagemono art forms. Information on the Society, its Journal and Convention, glossary of netsuke terms, information on upcoming exhibitions, FAQs, a list of new books on netsuke, links section divided into dealers, auction houses, museums and others.

Kyoto National Museum
Images of selected objects from the permanent collection including ceramics, paintings, armour, costumes, sculpture. Special Exhibitions, The Treasures of Myoho-in Temple and Sanjusangendo", Buddhist sculptures, related works of art that highlight the history and culture of these temples. The Museum Dictionary, an online guide for children to many representative items from the museum.

Tokyo: a Guide to Recent Architecture
WWW version of the printed architectural guidebook to Tokyo published by Ellipsis. Describes and illustrates 25 recent architectural projects. Includes an overview of Tokyo's 20th century architectural development, a clickable list of the 25 buildings.

Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates
Provides a company profile and a biography of Kurokawa and his current activities. Includes an illustrated list of works and projects. Features an Internet version of Kurokawa's book, The Philosophy of Symbiosis.

Shibori Japan Museum
Dedicated to the art of traditional Japanese tie-dyeing: shibori. Introduction to the traditions of tie-dyeing in East Asia, Africa, America and South Asia, detailed information about the techniques of Shibori, including the manufacturing process, traditional techniques, traditional patterns, materials and tying methods. Sections on the Japanese history and development of shibori and contemporary techniques.

Akitsu Gallery: Contemporary Japanese Prints
Centred around an online gallery of contemporary Japanese prints. Features a glossary of printmaking techniques, a history of ukiyo-e, including details of artists signatures and publishers seals.

Ukiyo-e: the pictures of the floating world
Extensive gallery of images, a catalogue of Japanese woodblock prints on the Internet, forum on Japanese prints and woodcuts, useful links to other related web sites.

Oriental Costumes: Their Designs and Colors
Online version of a book by Max Tilke, published in Berlin in 1922. The digitised plates provide images of costumes from Afghanistan, Persia, India, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, China and Japan.

The Seikado Bunko Art Museum
Describes and illustrates the collection of the Seikado Foundation. Consists of 200,000 volumes of ancient Japanese and Chinese books, documents and works of art. Sections on paintings, porcelain, Ukiyo-e, hanging scrolls.

Richard's Animated Divots
Contains a chronology of animated movies, television programmes and short cartoons starting from 1824 up to the present day. Divided into five sections: United States; The Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Australasia; and Japan. Animation filmographies of Japanese anime animators Gisaburo Sugii and Ren Taro.

Japanese Cinema
Short presentation in web format, covering early Japanese cinema, Kabuki theatre, different forms of cinema in the period 1925-1945, the effects of WWII and occupation on Japanese cinema.

Kinema Club
Study of Japanese cinema and the moving image. Discussion list KineJapan, criticism section of articles, reviews. Tables of contents of major Japanese language film periodicals, links to other Japanese cinema sites. Searchable database of bibliographic information on books and articles written about Japanese cinema.

Nature, Art, Communication: Sapporo Art Park
Public art facility which includes a sculpture garden and craft and art facilities. Arts events and exhibitions. Information on exhibitions, events, how to get to the Park.

David's Anime Resources and Info
Lists of online resources relating to anime (Japanese animation). Includes references to documents, sounds, images, discussion lists, organisations, fan pages and links. Glossary of terms and 'FAQ'.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
One of the largest museums devoted exclusively to Asian art. Collection of over 12,000 objects reflecting just a few of the countries represented in the museum's holdings, displayed by country (China, the Himalayas, India, Iran, Japan, Korea and South East Asia) accompanied by detailed commentaries.

Love Forever: Yayoi Kusama 1958-1968
Exhibition held at MOMA, New York, which presented the painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and installation work of Yayoi Kusama. Combined elements of Minimalism, emergent Pop aesthetic of the 1960s. Presents a slide show of documentary photographs from the artist's archives.

Architecture Asia: the Architecture and Design Resource for Asia
Searchable gateway to 800 web sites related to Asian architecture and design. Includes information on buildings, places, education, universities, magazines, exhibitions, associations.

The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
Comprehensive collection of the artist's work. Information about the museum, images of the sculptor's work, details about his life, research, resources collected by the Isamu Noguchi Foundation. Information about places the sculptor visited, materials he used and people in his circle. Chronological treatment of his life.

Cubism Gallery Asada
Overview of the Cubist movement, collection of images organised under individual artists along with biographical details, small selection of Japanese contemporary art.

Universes in Collision: Men and Women in 19th Century Japanese Prints
Electronic catalogue of an exhibition featuring prints by Japanese colour woodblock artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Focuses on how they portrayed the relationship between men and women.

Animanga Services
Provides information about anime and manga. Picture archives, anime cel gallery, shops and retailers section, links to online magazines, associations, anime discussion lists and news group facilities.

The St John's Anime Film Society
Anime (Japanese animation) Resource Centre, links to guides and dictionaries of anime, Gallery of anime films.

Anime Ai
Guide about Anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comic cartoons).

Discusses anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comics and graphic novels). Concentrates on anime-related issues specifically relevant to the UK, including UK licensing and release of anime titles, UK censorship issues and support for UK fan groups.

Homage to Nature: Landscape Kimonos of Itchiku Kubota
Profile of the designer, information about Tsujigahana, an ancient Japanese decorative textile design technique. Images of selected kimonos and links.

Virtual Gallery
Japanese artists. Various media, fine art, photography, illustration. Shows selected art work from individuals, portraits, biographical details, exhibition announcements. Run by Atom Co..

Avant-garde contemporary architecture in both traditional print and electronic formats. Information on Ellipsis, their current publications future plans. Section on bioclimatic skyscrapers. WWW version of their Tokyo and Prague architectural guides.

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